January 26, 2013

Sock KAL Progress {day 2}

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Yesterday I managed to complete the heel and the gusset 🙂

I did have to frog back though to the start of the heel turn, as I had some confusion over the stitch positioning on each needle. This resulted in too few plain knit stitches on the sole. Having tried the sock on and scratched my head and re-read the pattern it all finally clicked !

Hopefully I will be able to finish the first sock this weekend.

NSSKAL Progress

NSSKAL Progress


January 25, 2013

Sock KAL Progress {day 1}

I found time for some knitting yesterday afternoon and cast on my first sock for the Next Step Sock KAL.

I used the Twisted German Cast On method, this is also known as the Old Norwegian method.  I like to use this cast on for socks and legwarmers because it’s very stretchy and the cast on will mirror the first row knitted.

Here is a photo of my WIP ~

Next Step Sock KAL Progess

Next Step Sock KAL Progess

My stitch markers are by Reni/Knit Girl in Idaho and you browse her awesome designs in her etsy shop

Hopefully I will have some more knitting time this afternoon and progress on to the heel turn 🙂

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